Music live streaming sessions

The lockdown and Covid-19 crisis made it clear that live music and theatre as we know it will not come back for at least a year. Musicians, artists and promoters are finding new online ways of sharing their work. In the last months we learned a lot about digital technology, experienced new ways to connect. I have attended conferences held in New York, Berlin and London at the same time

In Conversation with birds

As I was growing up in Soviet Union I remember the feeling of the heaviness of the Iron Curtain upon myself, I couldn’t bear the idea of not being able to travel and see the world. I imagined I was a free bird who would fly far and high across the borders. I wasn’t some kind of bird that lived in towns all year round -like a pigeon or sparrow.

Learning language through music

Learning any foreign language through music is a proven method to memorise new vocabulary and master conversational skill. Rhyming lyrics and a catchy melody make student’s brain work not just on the level of the speech in classroom environment, but also through musical enjoyment that involves our much deeper inserted instincts- rhythm and sound. Feeling our mother’s heart beat before we are born is the first sensor that we develop.

streaming live gig

Musicians in isolation

Playing live gigs, interacting with other musicians, jamming in real time and exchanging ideas is an integral part of enjoyment in music making. Covid-19 crisis hit musicians hard not only financially but also inspirationally as we cannot do it any longer. To keep sharing our music online from home we have to effectively do a job not only as a musician, but also of a sound and light engineer, videographer,

live streaming studio for musicians at home DIY

COVID-19 home live streaming studio for musicians

As COVID- 19 forced us into isolation, changing life styles, reevaluating our consumeristic values and giving some rest to the nature, artists, promoters and venues, as workers of gigging economy found themselves in the unknown new territory with scary prospects. We have to find new creative ways to share our art and earn a living. The first instinct to many is to increase online presence. There are many platforms that


I have decided to write a blog about my music travelling adventures, work and development and some occasional thoughts on various matters.