Iryna is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, musical director, and educator. She spent her childhood in Ukraine, lived in Mongolia during her teenage years, and, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, moved to New York and then to the UK, where she now resides and works.

Iryna has performed nationally and internationally, with her band MUHA she released two albums and two singles that have been warmly received by both audiences and critics. In recent years, she has balanced her time between the band, her solo projects, directing the Ukrainian School Band, and experimenting with multimedia.

Iryna’s music draws inspiration from the rich folk mythology of her native Podillya in Ukraine, as well as the works of Taras Shevchenko, Nicolai Gogol, and contemporary Ukrainian poets. With a profound connection to nature, she channels creative energy from its elemental beauty. Accompanied by guitar and hurdy-gurdy, her songs narrate timeless tales of love and belonging, abandonment, hope, and mortality. Her traditional vocal style, both lyrical and hypnotic, invites listeners on a captivating journey through the landscapes of Eastern Europe.

Radio plays

NPR affiliate stations:

* KAMU Public Broadcasting , Texas, USA

* Spokane Public Radio , Washington state, USA

*** Public Radio Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

**** BBC Radio 3

Radio/TV Live appearance

* BBC radio 3 ‘Late Junction’

** BBC radio 4 Front Row

*** Guyana National television

Live highlights:

* Official Artist at Folk Alliance International , Kansas City, US 2004

**Eurovision Festival, Liverpool, UK 2023

***Rupunini Music and Arts Festival ( Guyana, South America) 2014, 201

****Edinborough Mela 2012

High resolution photos are here:


Tech Spec

  1. DI box for Hurdy-Gurdy
  2. DI box for guitar
  3. Vocal mic on boom stand
  4. 2 x Jack to Jack cables for A.guitar + B.hurdy- gurdy

WEBSITE: https://irynamuha.co.uk/



Iryna +44 7745 052897