As I was growing up in Soviet Union I remember the feeling of the heaviness of the Iron Curtain upon myself, I couldn’t bear the idea of not being able to travel and see the world. I imagined I was a free bird who would fly far and high across the borders. I wasn’t some kind of bird that lived in towns all year round -like a pigeon or sparrow. I was fascinated by the tiniest hummingbird and the incredible Amur Falcon that travel across continents! It was probably then when I developed love to the bird song. Everywhere in the world I goI hear them singing in their own language - different of various kinds, but unreachable to understand by humans.
During the lock down spring of 2020 I take the opportunity to walk around the village, across the fields and listen to birds. Naturalists note that the decreased human activity has a positive effect on the wild life and indeed I hear a lot of bird song. I started recording them and jam with them on my computer. In a way, birds became my new musical friends. What kind of music we can make together?
See below the video of one of my experiments.

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