The lockdown and Covid-19 crisis made it clear that live music and theatre  as we know it will not come back for at least a year. Musicians, artists and promoters are finding new online ways of sharing their work. In the last months we learned a lot about digital  technology, experienced new ways to connect. I have attended conferences held in New York, Berlin and London at the same time without leaving the comfort of my own home. I was thrilled be in the audience at probably the word's  first Live Zoom theatre performance from Ukrainian theatre Dakh. I watch live music and sofa festivals  from different parts of the world. There are no written rules how to do it and we all learn as we go. With the trial and error we are like stonemasons, carving out new form of performing arts online. The creative world had to rapidly evolve digitally and when 'it all comes to normal' this new form will not go anywhere, but will stay as an extra offering to the audience.
In my previous blogs I shared my first experiences, struggling with echos on sound, lagging on video, learning OBS, pros and cons of various platforms for live streaming. I had to become my own sound and video engineer ( which still can be tricky) and to upgrade my internet too, I think I'm making progress.
This is the Live session from earlier today, I especially enjoyed the interaction part of it when I was able to see who is watching, read comments and chat live with the audience, much more fun then pre-recorded live streaming videos. I feel I am at the start of a new journey and there is much more to explore. Stay tuned!

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