streaming live gig
Playing live gigs, interacting with other musicians, jamming in real time and exchanging ideas is an integral  part of enjoyment in music making. Covid-19 crisis hit musicians hard not only financially but also inspirationally as we cannot do it any longer.  To keep sharing our music online from home we have to effectively do a job not only as a musician, but also of a sound and light engineer, videographer,  presenter and a welcoming host. During the actual performance musician still cannot fully concentrate on music as one has to monitor the live stream, read comments still trying to figure out what page to look at ( or rather  not as it takes a lot of the bandwidth). For the last month I spent countless hours browsing forums, youtube tutorials learning many new software programmes and sorting out technical challenges - effectively trying to acquire multiple new skills in a very short time.  The new opportunities bring new ideas, but I also find them impeding my  creative process. I  would spend the whole evening figuring out how to get rid of that echo in OBS and the  whole day trying bring my ideas into Ableton Live, only to be  disappointed with how it sounds at the end.   I guess this is a normal learning process and I can see it  brings  some progress after many trials and errors. 
Here I will be posting my latest work and appearances online so that you and I can track the process.  This one is from live gig at Muzikstan festival. I managed to get the sound right ( still not perfect, may have to add condenser mic for general ambience), but the video really struggled. Now I have to figure how whether it is the bandwidth or too much load on my computer and how to get around this issue for the next live broadcast. 

Stay tuned!

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