Time to learn, experiment and play.
It is almost a year since the global pandemic has challenged our lives in so many ways. Back in March I, like many other creatives, was frantically looking for new solutions for sharing my creative work and connect with the audience. I spent weeks browsing youtube videos learning about broadcasting, video streaming, audio routing and recording. My creative work turned from practicing and playing instruments to spending the whole day trying to figure out why that thing on computer doesn’t work or where that button is. I was trying to learn the ropes of sound engineering and broadcasting in few months, when people study the subjects for years in college. The intense work with a high degree of failures and challenges, combined with the gloomy stressful backdrop of Covid-19, burned me out quite soon. I was loosing the sight of motivation to continue.
That is why I was especially thrilled when I was awarded Developing Your Creative Practice fund from the Arts Council. This fund will allow me time to experiment with technology, gain new skills in digital music production, video editing and, most importantly, take risks and be creative. I am grateful for such an amazing opportunity and will be further updating you on my progress, my knowledge and skills.

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