live streaming studio for musicians at home DIY

As COVID- 19 forced us into isolation, changing life styles, reevaluating our consumeristic values and giving some rest to the nature, artists, promoters and venues, as workers of gigging economy found themselves in the unknown new territory with scary prospects. We have to find new creative ways to share our art and earn a living. The first instinct to many is to increase online presence. There are many platforms that offer some sort of monetizing of your online content , but if you are mostly FB user trying to get into the new big world of live streaming , blogging , broadcasting and selling- it is overwhelming. But every big adventure starts from the first step.
So, here is one of my first live streaming session with advice for DIY musicians how to set up ad hoc home steaming studio (this one with a bad sound, but I think I have found the solution for my next live stream).
Stay tuned for advice of song writing and chat.

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