Multimedia showreel

*** My America*** is a one- woman multimedia show, a story of personal loss that happened in the public eye. It’s been described as emotionally moving and powerful, beautiful and deeply personal, thought provoking and very relevant for today. Read more about the project in the article from the Left Lion Magazine and my blog here

***Hydropark, Kyiv***
Exploring relationship between environmental, natural and digital soundscapes

***Porto Drips *** Inspired by a staircase outside Airb&B apartment in Porto. The rain drops created a rhythm, the architecture of solid metal structure of the staircase and its textures provided the mood. With an added pinch of mischief and melancholy, I hope the track is a treat to your ear buds and feet.

***The Dream of a House*** Do you have reoccurring dreams? Do you think they reflect our deepest inner psyche or are they just meaningless patterns our brain impulses create? Have you thought what your dreams really mean to you?

*** Hurdy Gurdy City Jam*** Performed online at RUPUNUNI MUSIC AND ARTS FESTIVAL 2021, Guyna, South America