Learning any foreign language through music is a proven method to memorise new  vocabulary and master conversational skill. Rhyming lyrics  and a catchy melody make student's brain work not just on the level of the speech in classroom environment, but also through musical enjoyment that involves our much deeper inserted instincts- rhythm and sound. Feeling our mother's heart beat before we are born is the first sensor that we develop. People with advanced stages of dementia who do not respond to the environment get a moment of clarity when they hear familiar tune. 

Working with bilingual children at Ukrainian School in Nottingham I see children eager to learn a song, play along with boomwhackers and dance at my lessons. I also see that often children find it easier to sing a word rather than just say it. If I put a rhythm on a long sentence - they are quick to pronounce more fluently.  In my online lessons with teenagers I engage them by asking to pick a favourite song which we study line by line. At the end they enjoy the experience of being able to sing and understand the whole song by heart without it feeling like it has been more formal exercise. Recent songs that I have done with my students include Mr Grinch and Bohemian Rhapsody, great to know young people like Queen!

At the moment I am available for more online classes via Zoom and other video connections, please contact if you would like my lessons for your school. I work with English, Ukrainian and Russian languages. 

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