“Over in the Hexagon I enjoyed a performance by the Ukrainian born vocalist, instrumentalist and songwriter Iryna Muha who performed in a duo with the British musician Richard Scott. It was Peacock’s idea to pair the two together and their set was a fascinating amalgam of Ukrainian, Russian and British folk influences.
Muha’s own “River Trent” was written in the UK but with a Russian lyric celebrating the importance of water imagery in Russian and Ukrainian folklore. Muha demonstrated the mechanics of that fascinating instrument the hurdy gurdy before using it to accompany her singing of a Ukrainian folk song with an anti-war message.Finally the two combined to play a Bulgarian bag pipe tune on hurdy gurdy and viola, the resultant drones proving to be totally absorbing and mesmeric, the effect not totally dissimilar to modern electronic dance music. I dubbed it ‘retro-techno’”
“I was impressed by this performance from two very talented multi-instrumentalists and also by the power and purity of Muha’s singing. Whether the pair will work together as a duo again remains to be seen but I’d say that there was the potential here for a successful partnership.”
Review from Surge In Spring III, Midlands Arts Centre (mac), Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham, 27/04/2019 The

Iryna Muha & MARIA GULIK
Maria Gulik mezzo-soprano opera singer and Iryna Muha’s programme consists of classics of ‘operatic folklore’ – folk music performed in an operatic style made popular in the former Soviet Union. They also sing more gritty, authentic folk songs and original material accompanied by guitar, hurdy-gurdy and overtone flute. You would hear stories of love, belonging and life, ranging from the dark and sorrowful to the more raucous, rib cracking, humorous sides of Eastern European Folklore. Premiere has taking place on November 3rd at Der Bunglehoff Club