MUHA’s musicians come from different walks of life and each one of them combines their expertise to create a truly unique sound. The band formed in 2006 when singer/ songwriter Iryna Muha met guitarist Dmitry Fedotov. Together with Louise Clements on bass/kathak vocals and Nikki Mckenzie percussion, MUHA offers an enthralling fusion of Slavonic-rooted music enhanced with rhythms and global folklore narratives.
BBC Introducing World on 3 with Lopa Kothari 2015


Iryna is a keen collaborator and have worked together with numerous musicians whose music is culturally driven from Britain (Richard Scott), India (Mendi Mohinder Singh), Ukraine (Constantin Bushinskij, Natasha Kasianchik),Egypt (Fayrouz Kaddal), Russia (Maria Gulik).

Please contact Iryna if you have an idea for collaboration.

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Iryna Muha, Fayrouz Kaddal, Mendi Sign at NAE, Nottingham UK


Created a sound drop to the rehearsed reading of a play by Natal’ya Vorozhbit “Take the rubbish out, Sasha”, directed by Kamensky.
‘Sasha, a colonel in the Ukrainian army, who has died of a heart failure, sees his widow Katia and his step-daughter Oksana prepare his funeral feast. A year later, the country will be engulfed in the events that can make the dead rise. Sasha is ready to be resurrected, but his family is not-they are reluctant to bury him again. Presented at Pushkin House, London 2018’


I am currently developing a workshop for children involving folk music, world languages and movements. Please contact for enquiries and collaboration offers.

Music Mischief Making with Spark Arts in Leicester, 2018